Care & Instructions

We decided to share some inside information on how to prepare properly for your next U.V. tanning session.

Here are the correct steps on what to do before your U.V. tanning session!

Looking for a faster and darker tan with U.V. tanning! Well the Solar Escape Tanning Staff of White Plains NY and Eastchester NY suggests that you use indoor tanning lotion!

Apply lotion with no sun/U.V. block up to 20 min before the U.V. tanning session.

Here are the correct steps on what to do after your U.V. tanning session!

Apply an after tan moisturizer to help hold onto the bronze look longer.

Different types of lotions available at both Solar Escape Tanning locations!

Bronze, Accelerator and Tingle!

When using a bronze always wash hands after! This will help with discoloration in between fingers.


Attention: For Skin Conditions ONLY!

Clients with skin conditions such as Acne or Psoriasis, shouldn’t use lotions and only use tanning beds that offer U.V. B rays to dry their skin and reduce the appearance of unwanted condition.


Always use eye wear protection in all tanning bedsĀ  including the stand ups, we carry all tanning accessories needed for your perfect tanning experience.


Tanning beds can lighten tattoos & hair color! Ask the front desk assistant to help with all protection when Tanning at our Solar Escape tanning Salons, located in White Plains, NY and Eastchester NY.


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