Some people still have a negative way to view U.V. tanning beds. Most of these individuals are switching to an alternative way of tanning. Airbrushing is “U.V. free” and also known as spray tanning or sunless tanning. Our solutions are organic and offer that just off the beach color you’ve been looking for every time. An airbrush tan normally takes about 15-20 minutes to complete but can last 5-10 days with proper care. Airbrush tanning, gives you immediate color and doesn’t require multiple sessions to build up a tan. Set time for maximum development takes 12-24 hours.

We also offer a fast acting solution that develops in as little as 3 hours! It’s easy to see why airbrush sunless tanning is growing at a fast rate. We have up to 5 different shades to choose from, come in and consult with our staff at Solar Escape in Eastchester, NY and White Plains, NY!





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