S-Class tanning bed Matrix Stand Up Our beds are always ready for use; if busy take advantage of our FREE WIFI. Our staff is here to assist you and can always suggest the best tanning bed for your tanning goals. The Matrix Stand and lying tanning beds are high pressure 99.9% U.V.A. Prepare for your vacation without the worry of burning! U.V.A is the gentle ray delivered by the sun before 12noon. The rest of our beds deliver a mix of 95-5% U.V.A and U.V.B. rays. Our most requested tanning beds are as following; S-Class tanning bed, Kbl6800 Alpha tanning bed, Matrix stand-up, Sun capsule stand-up tanning and the shuttle face machine. As for U.V.B.! Think of the sun rays when the sun is at its stronger point during the afternoon hours. We maintain our beds regularly to give you the best tanning experience ever. For more information on all our beds or anything else call us at out Eastchester location at 914-793-4771 or our White Plains Location at 914-358-9307


Tanning beds available at the Solar Escape Tanning Location in Eastchester, NY

All Tanning Beds and Teeth Whitting Located At Solar Escape Tanning Eastchester

Tanning beds available at the Solar Escape Tanning Location in White Plains, NY

Solar Escape Tanning White Plains NY tanning beds available

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